Curate Consignments is excited to announce that our renewed website is now live! We hope you’ll love the website as much as we do.

Curate Consignments is extremely thrilled to announce the release of our newly-revamped website.

Curate Consignments is extremely thrilled to announce the release of our newly-revamped website. With a fresh, trendy design, our new website is more user-friendly and intuitive than ever helping you find and navigate that you are looking for faster.

The website is adapted to any screen resolution and works perfectly on all types of devices to achieve ultimate usability and functionality. Our store has a plethora of item categories, so that the user can easily find the product she/he needs. 

Our store now has many categories of products. This is created for your convenience

In each category of products "Our Store", you can see the full range of products and get detailed information on each of them. Moreover, we enhanced our ‘Gallery’ section where you can see all of our furniture and home accessories. In addition, each product category now has its own photos and detailed information, which will be constantly updated!

Curate Consignments will continually update all the content with helpful information, and blog articles. Please explore our site to learn more about what our store has to offer, and let us know what you think!

Thank You

Curate Consignments Team

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