Why Buy Used Furniture from Curate Consignments

At Curate Consignments, we provide you with options from our high-quality collection of used furniture to go with your space.
Why Buy Used Furniture from Curate Consignments

If you don’t know where to buy used furniture, you have plenty of options. A furniture consignment store is often a great place that offers excellent pieces attached to an affordable price tag. You can go online, visit traditional furniture shops, or look into a consignment store. If you are in Fort Collins, CO, your best bet is to buy used furniture at Curate Consignments.

Here are some key benefits of choosing Curate Consignments:

  • Our furniture is handpicked by employees with extensive experience in design and architecture.
  • Our business is owned by a former designer, which means aesthetics, contemporary designs, and the latest trends are reflected in our furniture.
  • We showcase our products in a showroom-like space, so you get to see our merchandise up-close.

For these amazing benefits, Curate Consignments is the best place to buy used furniture. We also operate in Estes Park, Greeley, Windsor, Wellington, Loveland, and Longmont, CO. 

How is Pricing For Used Furniture Determined?

Furniture consignment stores usually offer a variety of used furniture at excellent prices. This is primarily because of how these stores operate. At a consignment store, secondhand pieces are selected from different local sellers. The sellers are paid only once the furniture item is sold, and the earning is split between the store and seller. As a buyer, you are able to score excellent deals on classic and modern furniture pieces.

At Curate Consignments, we only sell high-quality furniture. And we keep our pricing for used furniture affordable. Every single piece of furniture is handpicked, examined, checked for quality. We also judge every item against our own standards of design, aesthetics, and architecture. Considering the advantage of buying such high-quality, unique furniture, the prices we offer are incredibly competitive.

Where to Buy Used Furniture Near Me?

If you live in Fort Collins, CO and what to know what the best place is to “buy used furniture near me,” look no further. Come visit our showroom and let our designers help you choose the perfect piece of furniture. Better yet, show our specialists your apartment’s layout to receive tailored suggestions. Call Curate Consignments today at (970)-672-8210.

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